The creative arts are a major strength at Seaford. Every child is encouraged to develop their creative skills in Art, DT, Music and Drama, both in lesson time and in the extra-curricular activities. The school is always looking to expand this aspect of daily life and give the children a broad range of opportunities that are fun and engaging.

Music is particularly strong and there is a large Prep School Choir that performs in local music festivals. Pupils are encouraged to play a musical instrument and this is supported through in-class music lessons throughout their time in the Prep School. In Year 4 all pupils learn the recorder, in Year 5 the ukulele, Year 6 the violin and Year 7 the keyboard. By the time they enter the senior school, all pupils have a firm musical grounding.

Drama too plays a key role in the Prep School Curriculum. LAMDA is a popular option for a number of pupils who have individual lessons. At the end of the Christmas term, the Prep School variety show offers pupils the chances to show off their talents. The summer term musical is a very popular, and high quality, end to the year.

Art & Design is one of the school’s flagship departments. All Prep School pupils have the opportunity to learn the skills of Design & Technology with a wide range of projects. Plastics, woodwork and metalworking skills are taught as pupils move through the age groups. In years 7 & 8, pupils get an opportunity to take part in the Greenpower Car racing at Goodwood.